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August 1, 2022

Top Interior Design Trends for 2022

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With summertime in full swing in B.C., many people enjoy a slower pace of life and some vacation time to relax. It could be the perfect time to renew your living space if you have some extra time on your hands. While the heat of summer may not sound like the best time to undertake a renovation, redecorating your home can do the trick without the fuss. Read on for the top interior design trends of the year to give your whole house a facelift that won’t make you break a sweat or break the bank.

Sprucing Up Your Outside Space

This year, your outdoor living space is all about bringing what’s inside your home outside. No matter the size of your patio, deck, balcony, or yard, you can do plenty to turn your outdoor space into an oasis. Better Homes & Gardens encourages you to treat your outdoor area as stylishly as you do the inside. The idea is essentially to blur the line between indoor and outdoor furniture. Come spring, you can find every version of pillows, throws, furniture, dishware, and even cutlery designed for outdoor use in the seasonal section of your favourite store. But the truth is that there’s no need for two sets of home décor inside and outside your home. Putting a rug outside can make it feel luxurious if you have a covered area that isn’t at risk of getting wet or dirty. Same with home décors like indoor candles, trinkets or sculptures, or even a vase of flowers. If the most comfortable lounging chair you own is in the home, there’s no rule against bringing it outside to enjoy the outdoors for the summer. This year’s outdoor living trends are to follow whatever makes you happy to enjoy the outdoors.

Bring Nature Inside

For another year, adding greenery inside your home is a trend we won’t be saying goodbye to soon. Scroll through any home décor website or Pinterest page and find any room accentuated by lush green plants. And for a good reason. From improving the air quality inside your home to reducing stress levels, there are several science-backed benefits of keeping plants inside your home. The best part of adding plants to your décor is how seamlessly they shine in any room, even the bathroom. The only rule of thumb you’ll need to follow is to find the right plant for each room. You’ll have to take stock of how much light each room has and account for high temperatures on upper floors and factors like humidity in washrooms. Luckily, your local nursery or garden center will have experts that can recommend the right plant for each part of your home.

Time for Texture

If you’re wondering whether upgrading your home décor means you’ll need to swap wall colour or furniture style, you’re in luck. One of this year’s trends is as easy as ever to follow by adding a variety of textures to your interior. Simply, you’ll walk into the room you want to spruce up, and identify all the pieces made of fabric, first. This will likely include upholstery like your couch, ottoman, or chairs and accessories like pillows, blankets, and curtains. Do you see any variation in the types of fabrics you’ve used? It’ll be up to your preference, but if all of your textiles are flat and uniform, you’ll be surprised at what a difference adding a new material can make. Consider fabrics like tweed or embroidery for pillows and throws that are interesting to run your fingers against. And don’t forget that you can evaluate all the different textures in the room to find the right balance. Perhaps you notice you’ve seen too many plastic vases and want to swap them for earthy wood ones. Expand your horizons and consider woods, porcelain, wicker, and clay, which are popular this year.

Follow Your Arrow

Most importantly, make choices that bring you joy, calm, or whatever you’re looking for. Ask yourself how you’d like the room to make you feel when you walk in. It may be your retreat after a long day at work or a place of inspiration for your family and hobbies. Your home is as unique as you are, and we encourage you to turn it into your sanctuary.