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June 2, 2021

How to Take the Best Photos of Your Rental Property


What makes your rental property great may be obvious to you, but you need show its best assets to potential renters. Vancouver and Toronto boast the most homeowners with an additional home for rent. In 2018, B.C was home to 268,660 British Columbians multi-property owners. With so many landlords out there, you need your property to stand out. Here are the tips and tricks used by real estate photographers to make properties stand out.

Equipment & Set Up

If you’ve already purchased yourself a DSLR camera, it will be put to good use. These cameras are easy to use for beginners and provide extra features for the photographer at heart. You can find many affordable options for DSLR cameras if it is something you want to invest in. The truth is, in many cases a phone camera will do well, too. The newest smartphones have quality cameras and extra apps and features are just a YouTube video away for beginners. Whatever you’re using, you can use the grid option to help you ensure your pictures are straight and level. Although it isn’t necessary, a tripod can help you if you find it easier to work with. But most importantly, you’re going to want to take the biggest possible shot of each room. This usually means taking the picture from the corner of a room to include as much of it as possible in the snap.

Small Staging Makes a Big Difference

You don’t have to be an interior designer to create a space that renters can see themselves in. While making sure the interior is clean and tidy is the first step, a few additional tweaks can upgrade the look of your property. When tidying our own homes, we often consider, say, the kitchen clean even with dishes drying in the rack. Keeping your sinks empty and your counters home to only a few appliances will help potential buyers see how much space they will actually have. Clear the tv or appliance cords that create a messy bundle and find a way to hide them. Often, you can even use removable tape to stick them to the back of the tv stand or shelving unit. Adding decorative pillows to a couch or bed. Add something extra to your surfaces, your coffee or dining room tables or shelves. Books, a vase of flowers or a plant will add warmth so your renter can see themselves enjoying your space.

Light & Bright

Proper lighting is going to highlight the features of your property. You’re going to want to turn on all the lights in the home and take your pictures during the day. If you can, pick bright days with lots of sunlight. If you find yourself with many overcast or dark days like we can regularly see in BC, try this tip. If your photos have major shadows because of the gloomy weather, simply use any lamp to point directly towards the shadows to offset them. (Just make sure you keep the lamp out of your shot!). Be mindful of whether you have white or yellow-toned lighting in the home so your photos don’t all turn out yellow. If you still aren’t happy with the darkness, this is where various lighting presets or apps can be used to edit your photos.

Point Out What’s Special

What makes your rental condo or home unique? Have vintage archways, hardwood floors you want to show off? Does your property boast tons of storage space? Saving a few snaps for the unique features of your place pays off because it provides renters with information that sets you apart from the competition. It allows renters to start planning their potential living space within your walls. When taking photos of features in the home, you can get a bit closer to snap your photo. Go low instead of snapping a photo from above for a professional look.

Don’t Forget the Outside

Often forgotten, photos of the exterior are a great addition. Renters want to get a sense of the place as a whole, and exterior photos can actually help them get a better sense of spacing. If your property has a parking space or street parking, make sure to include a photo. Additional amenities like courtyards or rooftop decks if your condo has it work too. Always include photos of the exterior of your apartment building or home, too. The best time to take these photos are in the summer. Early evening time will create lighting that isn’t too harsh and creates a golden glow. Waiting until the summer will be worth it because you’ll be able to reuse your exterior photos over and over again.

With these tips, your rental property will look great. And if you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at our rental listings.