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June 1, 2022

The Best Tips & Tricks for Moving Day

If moving homes is in your future, congratulations! You have something spectacular to look forward to in your new home. But does anyone really look forward to moving day? Probably not. 

Whether you’re packing up a studio apartment or a three-story house, we’ve found all the best tips and tricks to make moving a breeze. You won’t need to start planning months ahead or wait weeks until after you’ve moved into your new home to find what you need. With these packing and moving hacks, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and celebrate your new home.

Leave Junk Behind

Despite our best intentions to keep clutter away, we all accumulate extra items in the home over the years. And once it comes time to move, many of us instinctively pack up whatever is in front of us – even if it’s junk. If there is one plan-ahead moving tip we suggest, it’s to find the items you don’t want to move to your new home. Resell, recycle, donate or invest in a junk removal service to rid you of all the things that need to go. It’ll save you time, effort, and money when it’s time to move. 

Don’t Forget to Use Suitcases

Before you pay for extra moving boxes, look around for containers you can use to move irregularly-shaped items. Laundry baskets work well to move your kitchen appliances. Plus, you can take them out right away at the new home, so you get your regular cup of coffee the next morning. Suitcases with wheels are particularly helpful for moving heavy items like all the books from your bookshelf. And don’t forget the Russian-doll method: fit as many things inside of one another to take up less space and minimize the chance you’ll lose items. 

Save Extra Steps Packing Clothing

If possible, keep your clothing inside your dresser drawers and remove them from the dresser. If needed (if it’s raining), cover the dresser with plastic wrap or a bag. You can simply pop the dressers back into place when you get to your new home. Likewise, don’t create more work for yourself with the wardrobe in your closet. Keep all your clothes on their hangers, and separate them into bunches comfortable enough to move. Slide a rubber band or tape around the grouping of hanger handles, so they stick together, and slip the hanging clothing into a bag for a makeshift garment bag. This way, you’ll have all your clothes ready to go quickly, so you aren’t looking for what to wear your first week at home. 

Use Linens and Fabrics to Protect Delicates

If you’ve invested in packing materials like bubble wrap, they will help you protect your delicate items like glasses and vases. For a penny-saving hack, collect your linens like table cloths, kitchen rags, towels, and even clothing to help you protect glassware. Champagne flutes fit perfectly into winter socks, and weaving fabric between dishes ensures all your kitchenware gets to your new home in one piece. 

A Little Bit of Paperwork Goes a Long Way

If you aren’t a planner, hear us out. It’ll help you in the long run if you collect all moving-related documents in one place. Consider a moving folder or binder, somewhere you can easily pop papers into. You’ll want to include your old rental agreement, any paperwork with your damage deposit, and information on your new home. An inventory of what you’ve packed is beneficial if you’re a list sort of person. But a packing checklist is a must because you have enough to remember on moving day. Take the stress out of remembering and find a free moving checklist template like this one on sites like Pinterest. 

Equipment is Your Friend

We all know the drill – ask your friends to help you move and say thanks with pizza and beers. As kind as your friends and family might be to help you move, make the day easier for everyone by thinking through what you’ll need for the day. Be especially thoughtful about hard-to-reach areas or stairs and sharp turns and corners in your home. Flat dollies and ramps can be a lifesaver. Even if you think the two steps off your porch are no big deal, they become exhausting after the umpteenth visit back into the house when you’re trying to move a heavy dresser. Be kind to your body and keep yourself safe from injuries. Moving companies rent dollies and other equipment even if you don’t need a truck. 

Last but not least, take a moment to look back at the home you created so many memories in. You’re about to start a new chapter in your life, and you’re where you are now, thanks to where you’ve been. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new home.