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July 17, 2020

5 Vancouver Home Decor Shops to Support During the Pandemic (and Always)

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We may be in Phase 3 of the coronavirus pandemic, but many of us are still spending more time in our homes than ever before. Like us, you may have realized that your walls are looking a little bare. Or your home office is straight up unfinished. Maybe you never got around to accessorizing your bookcase with anything other than, well, books.

You could browse the Ikea catalogue online for hours searching for the perfect accent chair for your livingroom. Or, you could shop a little more close to home. Still online, of course! Or at least wearing a mask.

Many small businesses have been hit hard by COVID-19, so why not spend your money where it counts: at a Vancouver-based home decor shop that has thoughtfully curated a selection of beautiful items for your home? The people who own these shops are experts. And they’ve done all the hard work for you. What’s not to like?

Here are some of our favourite local home decor shops below. Most are offering online shopping and curbside pickup options.

5 Vancouver home decor shop to support

Old Faithful

Located in Gastown, walking into Old Faithful Shop can be dangerous because it’s the kind of home goods store that makes parting with your money far too easy. Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t go in. You definitely should. Predicated on the idea that every item in your home should be trusty, well-built, and unique—i.e., an “old faithful”—Old Faithful Shop is the antithesis of Ikea. You can trust that your money will be well spent.

Besides being well-built, the owners have curated a collection of modern design-conscious items from plant pots, to blankets, to mugs, glassware, and more. Bonus if you’re looking for Japanese-crafted items at the height of contemporary design.

PS: Thinking of adding plants to your home? Read our guide on the easiest indoor plants to start with.

Vancouver Special

Located in between the Mount Pleasant and Riley Park neighbourhoods, Vancouver Special has been offering up contemporary, beautifully designed home goods to Vancouverites since 2008. And you know it’s legit because it’s owned by a former architect.

With a special eye towards Scandinavian design, this shop is not just for home decor and nick nacks. It’s a treasure trove of colorful, modern furniture as well. So it’s perfect for both decorating your home from scratch and adding unique after touches. Plus, the impressively curated collection of art and architecture books lend inspiration if you don’t know where to start.

Nineteen Ten

Contrary to what the name suggests, you won’t find old-fashioned, turn-of-the-century vintage settees at this Mount Pleasant, women-owned shop. Instead, the primary keywords for this home accessories store are “modern rustic” and “industrial chic”. If Edison bulbs, upcycled fabric, and distressed wood picture frames sound intriguing to you, then it’s certainly worth checking out—especially if you’re in the market for affordable accent pieces.

And the name? 1910 is the same year Coco Chanel started her famed fashion business, an important inspiration for the owners.

Walrus Design Inc.

Feeling patriotic? Walrus Design Inc is a Cambie Village lifestyle shop that curates its collection with an eye towards Canadian design.

You’ll find well-crafted, functional and playful items like bean bag chairs (that actually look cool), squid ink ceramic cups, and tea light centerpieces that resemble barnacles. Stop by if you’re looking for stand-out items that are particularly unique, but still durable. The collection is extremely diverse, and pretty kid friendly too. You may even walk out feeling like you’ve learned something about design.

Good Omen Shop

Hidden on a side street in New Westminster, the unassuming Good Omen Shop will draw you in with its minimalist style and checkerboard floors. But you won’t leave without a yuzu and birch scented candle or some Salish Sea salt scrub.

Good Omen carries more than just home accessories. It’s collection emphasizes independent designers from the Pacific Northwest, so shopping here packs a double punch in terms of supporting the local economy. Everything also seems thoughtfully chosen to make your home a relaxing, calm space, with soothing neutrals and soft fabrics that are easy to imagine snuggling up in while watching yet another season of the Great British Bake Off.