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August 1, 2023

Find the freshest Farmer’s Markets the in Lower Mainland this Summer

Calling all foodies and nature lovers! The time is ripe for fresh fruit, eclectic goods, and fun times in the sun. The Lower Mainland offers a variety of farmer’s markets, local farms, and activities each summer. It’s the perfect time to savour the best local produce and fresh goodies that B.C. has to offer. So, let’s jump into the region’s most fantastic farmer’s markets and farms this sunny season.

Eat Local

Your first stop is one of Vancouver’s best kept secrets, Eat Local. Visit this handy website to find every small or pop-up farmer’s market in your local neighbourhood. Not every market has a website, and dates overlap for many of the cities’ markets, but Eat Local has you covered. They’ve mapped out this season’s farmer’s markets for you across Vancouver neighbourhoods.

Granville Island Public Market

We have to call out one of Vancouver’s year-round mainstays – The Granville Island Public Market. Keep this market in mind if you’re away for the summer but don’t want to miss out on delectable good. The public market is open year round, rain or shine, since it’s mostly indoors. Enjoy zig-zagging through tiny corridors, across cobblestone streets, and stop for picturesque views of the water. This place is a foodie’s paradise, bursting with stalls that showcase everything from freshly picked fruits and veggies to mouthwatering seafood and baked treats. Oh, and don’t miss out on the local chocolates, or Lee’s Donuts (recently visited by Canadian celebrity Seth Rogen on Netflix). Come and explore the flavours of the world, all in one place.

Trout Lake Farmers Market

This is for all weekend adventurers. The Trout Lake Farmers Market is your Saturday sanctuary from May to October. Located near the serene Trout Lake, this market is a cheerful community hub that boasts an impressive array of locally grown and sustainably sourced fruits and vegetables. You’ll meet the local farmers, artisans, and food wizards behind the magic. The live music adds to the merry atmosphere – it’s a must-visit spot for a family-friendly day out.

Abbotsford Farm and Country Market

If you venture out to the Fraser Valley, you’ll enjoy a true farm-to-table experience. The Abbotsford Farm and Country Market is all about supporting local producers. This market opens on Saturdays from April to December, offering you the freshest fruits, veggies, meats, dairy products, and unique handmade crafts. Established in 2003, it offers a perfect mix of modern flair and traditional “make, bake, or grow” values. You’ll find locally grown treats and artisanal delights from local growers and food producers. Join in at this hub of care and sustainability, meet local farmers, and be part of a greener future.

Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery

Krause Berry Farms is a family-run paradise for berry enthusiasts located in Langley. Visitors can pick their own strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries in the summer. Krause Farms also boasts a charming bakery and market with freshly baked pies, jams, and other berry-infused treats. Year-round, you’ll find giant waffles stacked with seasonal fruit, and be sure to try the berry wine, too. Krause Berry Farms is a must-visit destination for the freshest and tastiest berries.

Circle Farm Tour

Your last stop is a digital one – the circle farm tour of the Fraser Valley. The Circle Farm Tour website provides you with all the best the Fraser Valley has to offer to make a day (or several) of visiting these local treasures. Whether you’re in the market for produce, dairy, meats, cheeses, wines, or ciders, the Circle Farm Tour has you covered. The tour is a self-guided road map to specialty farm-gate vendors, open-air markets, eateries, heritage sites, and fairs in each participating community. With brochures and maps for each area, explore at your own pace, discovering 10 to 20 venues linked to agriculture and the region’s farming heritage. Enjoy the best of local produce and immerse yourself in the countryside’s charm.

We’ve taken you on a journey through the freshest farmer’s markets and farms in the Lower Mainland. So, get ready to connect with the land, support local businesses, and savour the best farm-to-table treats this summer. Happy indulging!