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July 1, 2023

Experience the Best Events of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland this Summer

Summer in Vancouver is a time of vibrant energy, stunning natural beauty, and a wealth of exciting events. This summer is no exception, as the area comes alive with a diverse array of festivals, concerts, and cultural celebrations. Let’s jump into some of the most anticipated events happening in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland this month. Get ready to mark your calendars and make the most of your summer!

Celebration of Light (July 22, 26, 29)

Kicking off July with a bang, the Celebration of Light is a world-renowned fireworks competition that lights up the skies over English Bay. On July 22, 26, and 29, teams from different countries showcase their pyrotechnic talents with awe-inspiring displays choreographed to music. This year’s competitors include Australia, Mexico, and first-timers the Philippines. This magical event is so popular, it brings in 400,000 spectators each year. Remember that you can catch this spectacular show from a number of vantage points, including the Stanley Park Seawall, Vanier Park, or Kistilano Beach. Pack a picnic, find a cozy spot, and prepare to be dazzled by the magical explosions of colour and light.

Vancouver Folk Music Festival (July 14-16)

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of folk music at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, held at Jericho Beach Park. This annual event features an impressive lineup of local and international artists, showcasing a wide range of folk, roots, and world music. This July marks it’s 45th year, and you can buy tickets for for individual days or enjoy all three with a weekend pass. With multiple stages, food vendors, and a beautiful outdoor setting, it’s the perfect opportunity to relax, soak up the music, and enjoy the festival atmosphere.

Richmond Night Market (Every weekend)

For a taste of Asian culture and cuisine, head to the Richmond Night Market, one of the Lower Mainland’s most popular summer events. Open every weekend from April to October, this vibrant night market offers a wide array of food stalls, artisanal crafts, live performances, and interactive attractions. Explore the bustling aisles, indulge in delicious street food, and discover unique treasures from local vendors. Skip the line with a Zoom Pass that allows five people to skip the main queue into the market.

Vancouver International Jazz Festival (June 23 – July 2)

Although it technically starts in June, the Vancouver International Jazz Festival spills over into the first few days of July, making it a must-visit event for music enthusiasts. Spanning multiple venues throughout the city, this world-class festival showcases an incredible lineup of jazz, blues, funk, and soul performances. From intimate clubs to open-air stages, the festival provides a fantastic opportunity to experience the smooth melodies and infectious rhythms of jazz.

Surrey Fusion Festival (July 22-23)

Celebrate the diversity of cultures in the Lower Mainland at the Surrey Fusion Festival, held at Holland Park. This free, family-friendly event brings together music, dance, art, and cuisine from around the world. Experience captivating performances, try global flavors from food trucks and pavilions, and participate in interactive cultural activities. The festival creates a vibrant atmosphere that promotes inclusivity and fosters a sense of community.

Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival (August 5 & 6)

Join the vibrant and inclusive celebration of LGBTQ+ pride at the Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival. This colourful event attracts people from all walks of life who come together to show support, spread love, and embrace diversity. The parade winds its way through downtown Vancouver, followed by a lively festival at Sunset Beach, featuring live music, entertainment, food, and community booths.

Maple Ridge Caribbean Festival (August 5 & 6)

Experience the vibrant rhythms and flavors of the Caribbean at the Maple Ridge Caribbean Festival. This two-day event showcases the best of Caribbean music, dance, and cuisine. Groove to the infectious beats of reggae, soca, and calypso, savour mouthwatering dishes, and browse through Caribbean crafts and souvenirs. It’s an opportunity to soak up the vibrant Caribbean culture without leaving the Lower Mainland.

This summer promises an unforgettable experience in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. From breathtaking fireworks and renowned music festivals to multicultural celebrations and vibrant parades, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of these incredible events. Let the summer fun begin!