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June 1, 2023

The Best Hiking and Biking Trails in the Lower Mainland

The Lower Mainland of B.C. is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting breathtaking landscapes, lush forests, and majestic mountains. Whether you’re an avid hiker or an enthusiastic cyclist, this region offers a plethora of trails that cater to all skill levels. Let’s explore some of the best hiking and biking trails in the Lower Mainland, where you can immerse yourself in nature and experience the beauty of this outdoor wonderland.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Located in the heart of Vancouver, Pacific Spirit Regional Park offers a network of trails that wind through old-growth forests, meadows, and stunning coastline. The park features over 55 kilometres of trails, catering to both hikers and mountain bikers. From leisurely walks along the shoreline to more challenging hikes through dense forested areas, Pacific Spirit Park offers something for everyone. Don’t miss the iconic Wreck Beach, a clothing-optional beach accessible from the park.

Capilano Pacific Trail

Stretching from Ambleside Park in West Vancouver to Cleveland Dam in North Vancouver, the Capilano Pacific Trail offers a scenic journey through diverse landscapes. The 15-kilometer trail takes you through lush rainforests, along the Capilano River, and past stunning viewpoints. Biking is allowed on certain sections of the trail, making it a great option for cyclists seeking a picturesque route away from city traffic.

Quarry Rock Trail

Located in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, the Quarry Rock Trail is a popular hiking trail that rewards visitors with breathtaking panoramic views. The 3.8-kilometer round trip trail takes you through the enchanting forests of Deep Cove before ascending to Quarry Rock. From the top, you’ll be treated to stunning vistas of the Indian Arm, mountains, and nearby islands. Arrive early to beat the crowds and enjoy the tranquility of this natural gem.

Lynn Loop Trail

Nestled in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, the Lynn Loop Trail offers a moderate hike suitable for all skill levels. The 5.2-kilometer loop takes you through ancient forests, alongside picturesque rivers, and across wooden bridges. Enjoy the soothing sound of rushing waterfalls and keep an eye out for wildlife such as black bears and eagles. The trail is also popular for trail running and mountain biking, adding to its versatility.

Golden Ears Provincial Park

Located in Maple Ridge, Golden Ears Provincial Park is a hiker’s paradise, offering a variety of trails that showcase the region’s natural beauty. The park’s namesake, Golden Ears Peak, is a challenging but rewarding hike for experienced hikers, providing stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. For a more relaxed outing, explore the Lower Falls Trail, which winds through lush forests and leads to a picturesque waterfall.

Boundary Bay Regional Park

If you prefer biking over hiking, Boundary Bay Regional Park in Delta is a fantastic option. The park features a flat and scenic trail that stretches along the coastline, offering stunning views of the bay and abundant bird-watching opportunities. With its well-maintained pathways, the park is perfect for leisurely bike rides and family outings.

Minnekhada Regional Park

Located in Coquitlam, Minnekhada Regional Park is a hidden gem that offers a peaceful retreat from city life. The park boasts a network of trails that wind through wetlands, forests, and meadows. The High Knoll hike is a popular trail that rewards visitors with panoramic views of the Pitt River and surrounding mountains. Keep an eye out for the park’s diverse wildlife, including beavers, deer, and a variety of bird species.

UBC Endowment Lands

The University of British Columbia’s Endowment Lands offer an extensive trail network that allows hikers and bikers to explore the picturesque campus and its surrounding forests. With trails varying in difficulty, you can choose a route that suits your preferences and fitness level. Don’t miss the stunning vistas from the top of the Tower Beach Trail, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Vancouver skyline.

The Lower Mainland is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide array of hiking and biking trails that showcase the region’s natural splendour. From coastal walks to mountain hikes, there’s something for every skill level and preference. So, lace up your hiking boots, grab your bike, and embark on an adventure to explore the breathtaking landscapes and immerse yourself in the great outdoors.