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5 Low Maintenance Houseplants and Where to Get Them in Vancouver

There’s no easier way to liven up an indoor space than by adding actual life to it—i.e., plant life. Welcoming a few well-chosen houseplants into your home can add colour and depth to any room, and improve air quality.

And due to a boom in popularity in apartment decorating trends (just search #plantsagram on Instagram to see what we’re talking about), affordable, quality houseplants are easier to buy than ever before.

The best part is you don’t necessarily need a green thumb to benefit from the room-changing magic of plants. There are plenty of varieties out there that actually prefer to be left alone, or at the very least, an erratic water scheduling. They don’t need a special touch, or a specific amount of sunlight, or even a fancy mister.

They won’t complain if you’re out of town for a couple of days. In fact, they might prefer it.

Here’s our five recommendations for houseplants that will spruce up your apartment without requiring a ton of effort.

5 low maintenance houseplants

1. Jade plant

jade plant
Credit: Succulent City

You’ve probably seen a jade plant before and thought to yourself, “That plant is adorable, but it looks super hard to look after.” And while it’s true that most beautiful things don’t exist without some sort of effort, it’s definitely not true for the jade plant.

You only have to water this plant every 2-3 weeks. It prefers dry conditions with lots of direct sunlight. So make sure you place it by a window.

2. Philodendrons

Credit: Revive Nursery

Philodendrons are perfect for beginner indoor gardeners because they can adapt to almost any environment. They thrive in indirect sunlight (near-ish to a window), but will survive darker spaces too.

You know to water you philodendron when the soil surface gets dry. It won’t mind if you forget to water it every so often, but just make sure not to over water it or else the roots will rot.

3. Snake plant

Credit: Ansel & Ivy

Snake plants are famous air purifiers that only require watering every two weeks. Their sunlight needs are not extreme; they thrive in medium to bright indirect light, but will adapt to darker conditions.

4. Succulents

Credit: Save-On Crafts

We haven’t listed out each type of succulent here because there’s too many to name. But know that whichever one (or three you choose), these famous desert plants are experts at conserving water. You could leave them alone for months and, though they might look a little worse for wear, they probably wouldn’t be dead yet.

That said, place your succulents in as direct sunlight as possible and water them only when you can feel that the soil is really dry.

The time length between waterings will depend on the succulent. Don’t be afraid to test different cadences to see what works.

5. Christmas cactus

Credit: Country Living

This stunning hanging plant typically blooms during the holiday season (hence its name). But don’t be fooled by the word “cactus”. This houseplant actually prefers humid environments.

Water it whenever the top inch of soil gets dry and keep it in bright, indirect sunlight. If you want to encourage blooming, make sure it’s getting some time in the dark before the holidays.

Where to buy houseplants in Vancouver

You can always stop by Ikea or Home Depot for your houseplant needs in a pinch. But these local, independent options will get you started on the right path and help you get to know the neighbourhood.

Figaro’s Garden

This East Vancouver plant shop sells both indoor and outdoor plants that have been cultivated with “environmentally sound horticulture.” It’s a fixture in the neighbourhood and the staff is very knowledgeable.

Bloom Room Botanical Gallery

Located in Mount Pleasant, Bloom Room is more than just a plant shop. It’s an experience. The plants here are treated like the artistic design pieces they are. Prepare to be inspired.

Flower Factory

Another Mount Pleasant mainstay, this shop is mostly known for its floral designs. But it also sells a variety of succulents at good prices.

Plant Therapy

This downtown plant shop is known for its large selection of houseplants and pots and knowledgeable staff. Affordable prices will make all your Pinterest dreams come true.

Hunter’s Garden Centre

A mainstay of plant shopping in Kitsilano, this garden centre does it all, including indoor and outdoor plants, and even seedlings (if you want to grow your own from scratch). They also have a Surrey location.

4 Interior Design Trends to Inspire You in 2020

Looking to freshen up your rental space, but not sure where to start? Why not start on the cutting edge of interior design?

2020 is a big year for interiors, marking a shift away from the currently popular minimalist style and towards bold colours and patterns instead. We also see tastes trending towards the latter half of the 20th century rather than the middle section (but not as late as the 1980s yet, thank goodness).

As interior stylists let color back into their homes, they are bringing softer fabrics and shapes too. Think cozy, opulent, eclectic, and joyful. These are the vibes that will carry us all into 2020 and beyond.

1. Maximalism

A maximalist living room
Source: Black Southern Belle

According to the 2020 Ikea catalog, minimalism may have peaked in 2019—the year in which Marie Kondo turned her extremely popular book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up into an even more popular Netflix show.

Within the pages of said catalog, you’ll no longer find white walls and infinity shades of grey, mid-century couches. Instead you’ll find boldly patterned pillow shams, artfully cluttered collage walls, brightly coloured velvet couches, and even disco balls. These are just some of the hallmarks of maximalism, a design aesthetic defined by excess and redundancy.

While a minimalist designer might live by the motto “less is more,” a maximalist designer would embrace the idea that “more is more.” And in 2020, it seems that most people are ready to embrace the latter.

But maximalism doesn’t necessarily mean messy. In fact, some would argue that a maximalist interior style is even more difficult to pull off than a minimalist one, as it requires an artful eye for layering and knowing which colors and patterns work well together.

To pull off a maximalist apartment, embrace your inner child and shop with your gut. Maximalism allows you to showcase your own personality, as is clear in this mural-filled California home, and there are almost no rules.

Hint: If you’re going to wallpaper in your rental, do yourself a favour and make it removable.

2. Rounded shapes

rounded orange velvet couch in livingroom
Credit: Livingetc

Mid-century modern furniture has been dominating the interior design market for the last decade. And rightly so. Clean lines, solid wood, beautiful craftsmanship—what more could you ask for from your chairs?

Turns out, a lot more. Tastes always repeat themselves, just like history. And it turns out that interior design tastes are moving away from the 40s and 50s and into the 60s and 70s. We can see this most clearly in the new popularity of curved furniture.

Think this velvet feather collection bed frame from Anthropologie, or this blush sofa from Coleman Furniture, or this Roar + Rabbit pleated ottoman from West Elm, or this deep green velvet swivel armchair from Structube.

3. Power clashing patterns

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I feel like this image is an opportunity for a post about pattern clashing, but then that sounds a bit too much like rules to me. Sorry I've been a bit absent lately, I've just been feeling a bit off and trying to get my head back in the game. Whatever the game might be. As much as I hate to admit it, having a tidy house does help with my messy mind. It doesn't come naturally to me, it's not how I work, whereas Sam might be the tidiest guy ever forced to live amongst my chaos. I'm painting splodges on the wall and arranging old knick knacks faster than he can squeegee the shower (which he does EVERY single day) – the fact that he can deal with me and my mess is testament to his excellent mental health and general amazingness. Though maybe I don't give myself enough credit for living with a guy that actually folds his undies and won't eat breakfast for dinner (or at any non-breakfast time). We're basically Mark & Jez from peep show, but it works. Taken on my #huaweip30nz . . . . #myboldhues #mycuratedaesthetic #eclecticinteriors #colormyhome #colorfulhome #ihavethisthingwithpink #roundroom #gallerywallhashtag #gallerywalldecor #homesweethome #colourmyhome #whpcolorwheel #boldbohemians #gatheredstyle #foundforaged #duluxnz

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If you can’t embrace a fully maximalist lifestyle, that’s fine. Take your first baby-towards it by embracing power clashing instead. That’s right: polka dots and stripes, on the same couch. It’s a power move.

This trend is where the details of your home get to shine. Maybe you have a grey couch, but you can spruce it up by adorning it with some truly outlandish throw pillows and blankets. Or get out your staple gun and reupholster your chairs with that flamingo fabric you’ve been dreaming of. Maybe even trade your white linen curtains in for something textured and colorful.

Here’s Apartment Therapy’s guide to pattern mixing. Hint: 3 patterns is the magic number.

4. Colourful tiles

green tiled bathroom
Credit: Heju

The 2020 Ikea Catalog is full of symmetrical, colourful tiles in all shapes and sizes for backsplash building and bathroom decorating.

Is your apartment blessed with a boring bathroom? Look no further than these examples of bathrooms that have been completely enlivened by colourful tiles. Free yourself from the tyranny of the white and gold bathroom now. It’s time to pretend we all live in California!

And speaking of tiles, irregular backsplashes are a new trend too. Check these examples for backsplashes that use interestingly shaped tiles to create unexpectedly “live” edges.